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               FootWorks Podiatry & Laser Inc.
               1874 Tice Valley Boulevard
               Walnut Creek, CA  94595

               Beatrice A. Schmugler, DPM




Healthy feet are the foundation for your body.  FootWorks Podiatry understands that when individuals experience long term difficulties with their feet, they can be prone to suffering secondary issues which have an emotional and physical impact on a person’s quality of life.  Previously, individuals with a fungal nail infection had limited treatment options and often times would curtail activities in which their toes would be seen by others.  Aside from experiencing pain or discomfort, simple things like going to the pool, gym, or spa could become stressful.   FootWorks Podiatry believes that you do not need to live this way.  You now have a choice.  There are now several treatment options available.  Our state of the art Laser Treatment can help you reclaim your vitality by treating both the underlying fungal infection and also addressing the unsightly appearance. 

All treatments are performed by Beatrice Schmugler, DPM, a board certified podiatrist who has been practicing in the Bay area for over 20 years.  All patients at FootWorks Podiatry & Laser will receive two treatments over a twelve month period.  The cost the laser treatments range from $395 to $944, depending upon the number of nails treated.   




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